Self Proclaimed Experts

So, why is audio engineering so rife with self-proclaimed experts?  I just got off a forum page for a major audio equipment manufacturer and I’m blown away by the myriad I’ll-informed advice offered to a participant.  WTF.  If you don’t know the real answer, then keep your mouth (keyboard) shut.  The obvious answer was, “mute this, and set that to PFL”. I imagine the commenters don’t even know what PFL stands for.  Musicians take note.  If you don’t know how some of this stuff works, get help.  I can’t play guitar worth crap so there’s no shame in asking for help.  But, BEWARE the internet where everyone has a voice.  Seek out real expertise.  Be willing to pay a modest fee.  I wouldn’t ask you to play on my CD without expecting to pay (or trade for something of value.). Just sayin

Author: ericbroviak

Life long audio engineer, photographer, pilot, backpacker, and other. Currently sound guy for The Labra Bros; a great area band. See the site for links to my photography and other stuff I get the urge to post.

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