Stupid people vote too

I’ve run across a guy in 2 different local eateries and he got me thinking.  Not only is he pretty dumb, he’s also quite loud so he’s hard to avoid try as I might.  Here’s two of his gems;

1. He’s explaining to his friends how those map programs can direct you to an address. ” they have guys drive up and down your street and they write down where your house is and the address….”

2. On the recent failed missile test by North Korea.  ” the military has a device so they can press a button and blow up the missile”

SO, for people like this, I really want some basic literacy, IQ, dumbass test before he’s allowed to vote.  It is often said such tests disadvantage the democrats but I know this guy is an ardent Trump supporter.

Yeah, I know there’s all sorts of abuse, and for that reason I guess it doesn’t work.  But come-on.  Little guys driving down the street writing things down on paper?  Google Earth notwithstanding, what a concept.  Even when his friend asked, “so if the military can blow up their missiles with a button, why do we care if they’ve got missiles?”, he charged on unfazed by the logic of the point. I’d like to think he’s one of a kind but I’ve seen too many similarities.  What’s a country to do?