Self Proclaimed Experts

So, why is audio engineering so rife with self-proclaimed experts?  I just got off a forum page for a major audio equipment manufacturer and I’m blown away by the myriad I’ll-informed advice offered to a participant.  WTF.  If you don’t know the real answer, then keep your mouth (keyboard) shut.  The obvious answer was, “mute this, and set that to PFL”. I imagine the commenters don’t even know what PFL stands for.  Musicians take note.  If you don’t know how some of this stuff works, get help.  I can’t play guitar worth crap so there’s no shame in asking for help.  But, BEWARE the internet where everyone has a voice.  Seek out real expertise.  Be willing to pay a modest fee.  I wouldn’t ask you to play on my CD without expecting to pay (or trade for something of value.). Just sayin

The Eric View

Getting started

Welcome to my blog.  I have 2 streams here, politics/social and audio engineering.  They’re only related insofar as I’m into both.  You may hate my politics but agree with my audio views or not.  You can’t really hate most of my audio views as they are mostly solid from a scientific and music point of view.  So opinions may be more open to interpretation.

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